Once a year, over 1500 daring athletes, including solo's take on the rugged terrain of the Hijar mountains, Oman for a grueling 72km running challenge. The Salomon Wadi Bih Run is being held every February. The running route follows a tangle of asphalt roads and graded gravel tracks, ascends and descends over 1000m through the spectacular Hajar mountains and tests the hardiest of athletes.


The original solo category was the full 72km but in 2014 a new 50km solo category was introduced which proved extremely popular, and in 2015 a new 30km solo category was introduced and appealed to serious runners


The run is also a great example of camaraderie between friends, family members and work colleagues who come together in a relay team and support each other through a great physical challenge.
Salomon Wadi Bih Run is structured with a number of CHECKPOINT Flags over the route so that each runner from the TEAM runs a series of relatively short stages before meeting up again with their team vehicle, so even the not so great athletes enjoyed the fresh air and environment of the great outdoors. For the SOLO runners, each checkpoint will be their area for refreshment.
January 31, 2017

Salomon Wadi Bih Race Pack

January 22, 2017

Registration for the Salomon Wadi Bih Run 2017 is EXTENDED

REGISTRATION EXTENDED TO 23.1.2017 We have a limited number of participants that we can accommodate in the Wadi due to logistics and safety and the event […]
January 15, 2017

Looking for an adventurous TEAM building activity to start 2017?

 Looking for an adventurous TEAM building activity to start 2017? We can give a FREE TEAM PASS for the SALOMON WADI BIH 2017! Looking for an […]
January 3, 2017

Team Building Activity To Begin The New Year

Motivating the workforce should be the company’s NEW YEAR resolution this 2017. Low productivity & efficiency rate of staffs are result of boring workplaces and unhealthy lifestyle. […]
February 21, 2015

Salomon Wadi Bih Run 2015 Highlights

The 23rd Salomon Wadi Bih Run, the longest-running expatriate race in the region took place in Dibba last weekend. Over 1,400 runners from the city to the mountain! It was an extreme outdoor adventure!